Welcome to Roseville!  We think you will find a welcoming oasis of warmth, friendship and love.  We would love to have you visit us.   We are located in the City of Newark, convenient  to major highways, rail and bus transportation. Come and check us out. We will be blessed by your presence! 


A Season Of Prayer: A Summer Pause

 Join us in devoting 45 minutes in prayer and praise 

Lord, teach us to pray…  Jesus disciples asked him, and he did.

 Everyone can pray, and everyone can learn to pray:

1. Corporate and intercessory prayer: (praying for and with others)

2. Cultivating a personal life of prayer that helps to win life’s battles.

  All ages are invited and welcome!

2 Wednesdays: July 23, and August 20

7:30-8:45 P.M.  

Roseville Presbyterian Church, 36 Roseville Ave.

Newark, NJ 07107 – Tel. 973-483-3361


Feeding the Hungry:  our Food Pantry Ministry: Each Second and Third Mondays, 10 am-12noon. Donations  welcome. You can donate to the NJ Community Food Bank,  31 Evans Terminal Rd Hillside, NJ  (908) 355-3663,  on behalf of the Roseville Presbyterian Church.  Please call the church office for more details.







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Please check out  the Youth Ministry Activities and other important Announcements in the Members’ Area.